About us

Rosa Gialla was created at MonForte d’Alba in 2004 in an ancient farmhouse, refurnished to welcome the guests and make them appreciate the landscape and the tradition of the Langa.

The distance from the house didn’t allow to give the right attention to the guests...

The original house


… La Rosa Gialla has been moved to Barolo-Vergne, the family birthplace, that nowadays has become Unesco heritage and with the insertion of the daughter Valentina for the welcoming of the guests, has been expanded with the construction of new apartments according to the high quality bio building, with the aim of representing a place that can offer a residential confort, architectural and technological vanguard, in essence a place where you can “live” with a supreme level of wellness.

The building was created in a place that is exclusively familiar and has rooms and apartments absorbed in the green of the property vineyard and is surrounded by a well finished garden with solarium and a large terrace with a spectacular view on the Monviso and on the pool where you can spend pleasing moments of relax with local delicacies.